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Announcement from HIDRAQUA

Dear customer, Hidraqua, in collaboration with the Townhall, offers the opportunity to know the quality of the water inside your home or company for your assurance though the free and voluntary Campaign of Tap Control.  The process consists of taking a water sample and analyzing it directly from homes, public buildings and companies totally free […]

Collaboration Agreement with ASSSA

CSBConsulting & ASSSA: Together looking after your HEALTH As a customer of CSBConsulting you can benefit from this exclusive offer At CSBConsulting we have reached an agreement with ASSSA to give you and your family a unique offer EXPAT HEALTH INSURANCE IN SPAIN ASSSA is a company with more than 80 years of experience offering […]

Renta Web

Renta Web El año 2017 viene con importantes novedades en el terreno fiscal, siendo una de las más importantes la implantación de RENTA WEB, el nuevo sistema para presentar la Declaración de la Renta 2016. A partir de este año, buena parte de los contribuyentes pasarán a usar el programa RENTA WEB, en lugar del Programa […]

Prudential bond

“With the recent ECB announcement that interest rates in Euroland have now fallen to ZERO and with a low interest rate environment set to continue for the foreseeable future we are pleased to have the opportunity to introduce an alternative way of increasing your returns. For those of you that have funds in Bank Accounts […]